Forth Week of September: CPAP and Cucumbers

Finally!  My sister took possession of her CPAP machine; appropriately, it’s the model called Dreamstation.  This model is a vast improvement over the original CPAP masks that looked like something used on Hannibal Lector.

I say finally because she was supposed to have had it two weeks ago. The red tape road started at the sleep center, detoured over the bridge to Medicare, took the back woods route to the supplemental provider. From there it meandered into the Apria  office, where it went into stasis until a technician returned from vacation.  But in the immortal words of Shakespeare, “all’s well that ends well.”

She has been sleeping with it for a week, and the benefits are evident.  It surprised me to learn just how much sleep apnea can impact one’s overall health. After a week of deep sleep, she is: awake the entire day, has lost some weight, concentrates better, and experiences a more optimistic mood.

Previously, I wrote that fungus had swept through the squash plants, destroying most of the garden.  The dead leaves uncovered two huge cucumbers, that managed to grow unseen and undisturbed.  They may be too large to eat but they make wonderful weapons.

photo of man and woman
Battling Cucumbers



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