FRONT DOOR Week 44: 2020

Only a Mother Would Hang This

demonstrates the use of Illustrator Shaper Tool
Only a Mother Would Hang This

I love it when I wake up laughing out loud, as I did this morning. Last night I created a picture using Adobe Illustrator’s shaper tool; a tool for the artistically challenged, such as myself.

It was so much fun building this picture. Between you, me and the gatepost I was pleased to discover what could be done using only circles, squares, and lines. I am absurdly happy with the outcome.

Nevertheless it is a picture that only a mother would exhibit. What made me laugh this morning was the idea of opening a gallery called ONLY A MOTHER WOULD HANG IT, dedicated to the exhibition of paintings, drawings, and sculptures created by the artistic klutzes of the world whose skills are limited to stick figures, and clay snakes. When I win the lottery, I am going to open that gallery and have oceans of fun with it.

One another note, I am passionate about Turner. Owning one of his paintings is at the top of my bucket list. If you are thinking about a birthday present for me next year keep it in mind. This year the starting price for a small Turner is probably about fifty million. But next year with Brexit, and the royal family expenses, the Tate may be holding a fire sale.

You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

A. Einstein (I think)

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WEEK 44: 2020

A Touch of Narcissism on a slow week

A month or so ago, Adobe published a new application for smart phones called PS Camera. In addition to taking standard photos it also comes with a series of “lenses” that automatically adds special effects to the photos. Most of the effects are built for portrait photos and don’t work so well on landscapes etc.

On a slow day in a slow week I snapped a bunch of selfies to test some of these lenses. Except for the cats (who refused to pose) I was the only available subject, so here is my face in a variety of flavors.