A Week Into 2017

News of the Moment

As they used to say in hill country “I’ll be over for supper if the creek don’t rise.” Fifty feet behind the back gate, the creek IS rising. Rain sluices down in sheets. It has been sluicing down for hours. It will continue sluicing down today and well into Monday. Drought has been cancelled for 2017.

What’s up for 2017

Graphic purple background with text in gold "2017 Year of Imagination
2017 Year of Imagination

This year I replaced the usual list of resolutions with an operating theme. This new year of 2017 is the Year of Imagination. What sparked this idea is the following quote by Maxwell Maltz from New Psychocybernetics. Continue reading “A Week Into 2017”

Facing Christmas with Chocolate

Christmas is coming! Soon! So much left to do! Stress!

Take a chocolate break.  I found this wonderful post about chocolate drinks. It was too good not to share. I re-posted for this weeks news update. Revel in the recipes, and tell me which ones turn on your chocolate cravings.  The link is below.

12 Slurpable Reasons to Love Chocoate



Catching Up after NaNoWriMo

A moment of personal silence for the loss of my Aunt Carol who left this life a few days ago. Many are feeling the loss of that bright life. When the initial impact has dimmed, I will write more about her.

I am so glad I stumbled upon the NaNoWriMo organization. That is the “shortcut” version of National Novel Writing Month. For many writers, would-be writers, and hopeful writers, this is the event of the year. Starting the first of November and ending on the thirtieth of November, folks around the world write fifty-thousand word novels. There are all kinds of pep rallies, write-in meetings and other events. The local library hosted a writers space every Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. where NaNoWriMo participants came to write.

This year, I fell short of the goal by several thousand words, but I learned so much from simply pounding out words in volume. I started this project without a plot. In fact I didn’t have the faintest idea what I wanted to write about. So I just started typing. Gradually a plot emerged. Characters began to grow. It was a bad plot. The characters were cardboard cutouts. Nevertheless, there was a book blossomed. I plan to finish it this year.  November 2017 is already booked.

Second Week of November: NaNoWriMo2016


For friends, relatives, neighbors who are in the dark. NaNoWriMo is the short, catchy and unpronounceable version of National Novel Writing Month.

This happens every November, when thousands of people actually sign up to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. This year, I am one of those crazy people. So for a couple of weeks you won’t hear much from Sybal’s Front Door.  I am wearing my typing fingers to the bone.

Here is the good news. The novel has to be 50,000 words.  It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be coherent. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct. Words don’t have to be spelled correctly.

Not one person reading this will EVER be asked to read this novel. Don’t bother to ask because no one will EVER get a chance to read this novel.

Will it be a clue for you if I tell you I am changing the title to “Watching Paint Dry on the Barn Door.?”

See you again after November 30


Day 1,040: A Higher Class of Slog

There times what other people post are so good, they have to be shared. This is one of them!


Something I wrote on day 187 was quoted on another website this week as advice to someone who just hit 9 months and is having that sloggish feeling. You know the one. Some of the difficulty of getting sober has worn off, but so has some of the novelty. You haven’t gotten that pony you wanted yet–and worse, you suspect you may never get your pony, and even worse than that, you suspect there is no pony. So there you are: sober, bored, awkward, and horseless.

I’d feel lousy under those circumstances, too. I did, in fact, which is why I clung to the idea in that post: that sobriety accumulates, even if it doesn’t always feel that way in the moment. That if I could just make it through the grayness of those days, they’d add up to something.

That was 853 days ago. In those 853 days I’ve upgraded…

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October’s Final Week


Happy Birthday to me!  Saturday at two o’clock in the afternoon, I entered the seventh decade of my life. Seven decades doesn’t sound quite as long as its equivalent stated in years.  As I have been saying to friends and relatives, I don’t know how in Hades I arrived here so soon.  It only seems like ten years since I graduated from high school.

Here I am once AGAIN asking myself “what’s next.?” What am I going to be when I grow up. Dang it! I thought that I would have all the answers by the time I was forty. That certainly didn’t work out so well. Maybe I was asking the wrong questions.

For the past six weeks, I have been tinkering around with life.  I have habits that need changing: replacing old one with ones that I like better. Such as drinking a pint of whiskey every night before I go to bed, and flossing every day.

One thing for sure is that I like learning new things. It’s really fun learning to use Adobe software.  It’s amazing stuff, but it’s a challenge to learn.  It’s one thing using the tutorials, its another to really use what I’ve learned to create something. From time to time my forehead is bruised from beating my against the wall.  For those of you who check out my Facebook page, that’s why I change my header picture every month: practice with Adobe Illustrator.

I just caught myself starting to expound on my current philosophy of life, but I’ll save it for next week – or for never.