Last Week of September: Griping about the Weather over Coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee

Holding a mug of strong, hot, black coffee. Wearing my rainy weather sweatshirt. Where’s the rain??

Yesterday the forecast was 80% chance of rain. I scurried around stowing outdoor furniture away from the damp.  What’s outside my window? Fog and mist…fog and mist rapidly thinning into sunshine. On the weather radar it’s green all around, leaving Petaluma high and dry.

September has been hot; consistently in the high eighties and nineties.  The fleas are dancing, prancing and reproducing.  Pet owners are complaining. Flea medicine is flying off the shelves.  So far they have stayed off of Sassy. For several years, I have used Advantage II on her. She has never had a bad reaction to it, but I am dubious about the safety of chemicals.

My sister suggested an anti-flea formula made from a variety of herbal oils.  It’s a great formula and it smells good to my nose.  The bad news is that it contains just about every odor that is anathema to cats.  No hope at all for getting enough of the stuff on her to do any good at all.  So it’s back to the tried and true chemicals.

FREE!! Three tubes of mixed herbal oils with overpowering strong scent.  Great for outhouses and fish markets!

And that is the week that was.

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