Moments of Frantic Panic in the Third Week of September

Moments of Frantic Panic

Don’t worry! The title is misleading.  I got carried away with the look and sound of having “frantic” and “panic” together in the same line. However, I did experience  moments of  intense annoyance mixed with vexation and exasperation.

Misbehaving Car

Window Crash

My car misbehaved-twice.  First, the window lift motor on the driver’s side went kaplooy. Naturally, the motor failed when the window was DOWN, leaving me with a window that is permanently open (temporarily). I am putting around town with a sheet of clear plastic duct taped over the window. Ugly.

I am collecting repair estimates from Petaluma to Santa Rosa. Cost of a replacement motor is reasonable, but installing it requires removing both the exterior and interior door panels.  Given a choice, I would choose cars made with snap-in parts to self driving cars.

“Low Power” Light Dread

Sunday morning, when leaving for the Mystery Book Club meeting, my “low power light” flicked on followed by the “fix engine” light.  The first time that “low power” light showed up, I lost all engine power on the freeway, during the evening rush hour. That was a true frantic panic. So I always take that light very seriously.  Previous mechanics could never find the problem, so I spent an hour googling and found a GM maintenance note. The diagnosis was “crankcase vapors inside the throttle body.”  Serious as that sounds, it was a simple fix.  It remains to be seen if it is a REAL fix..

In Bed with The Bug

The icing on this cake of good time was a bout with random bug that put me in bed for a day, and close to home for the rest of the week. It’s so good to feel good again.

A Oil Slick  of Good News

There is a bright spot.  For years, my sister has touted the virtues of synthetic oil for preserving the life of an engine. I kept putting this off, In exasperation, she gifted me with five quarts of synthetic oil, one  bottle of engine flush, and an oil filter.  Wednesday, my mechanic flushed the old oil, installed the new oil filter, and added the synthetic oil. There was an immediate improvement in the sound of my engine

And that wraps up the week!


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