How Does My Garden Grow

first encounter with a garden

Gardens weren’t my Thing Until

Plants were green unless they were dead.  Some had pretty flowers.  Some produced the squash, the peppers, and the tomatoes I bought at the grocers. Once I had a summer job weeding azaleas in a nursery greenhouse. I was not inspired. Continue reading “How Does My Garden Grow”


Starting Fresh, Starting Over

March was when I last visited my blog site. That’s a long time.

I spent three hours rooting this blog. It felt like rooting through a dusty attic.  None of the pages, posts, media were worth keeping, I tossed the lot-almost. I kept the title, and I kept the photos of front doors. I love front doors, and windows.

Starting Fresh-01
Springtime Tomato Plant


So here I am starting fresh and starting over: although I have learned that starting over is generally a bad idea. Would you like to know the most painful memory I carried through life from my high school days

It wasn’t feeling like I didn’t fit in. I wasn’t losing a boyfriend to the prom queen.  It was  starting over, and over and over. Continue reading “Starting Fresh, Starting Over”