How Does My Garden Grow

first encounter with a garden

Gardens weren’t my Thing Until

Plants were green unless they were dead.  Some had pretty flowers.  Some produced the squash, the peppers, and the tomatoes I bought at the grocers. Once I had a summer job weeding azaleas in a nursery greenhouse. I was not inspired.

Then I moved in with my sister, who was born with a special affinity for growing things.  Health issues kept her from the garden for two years. Under her tutelage, I stepped in with a helping hand. I cleared a little four by four plot of tall grass and wandering poppies. A summer squash, a zucchini, a cucumber, and hot pepper plant went into that space. Two tomatoes and two cherry tomatoes were planted into pots.

The tiny squash are three feet wide and still expanding. All four tomatoes are two feet high and getting taller.  Tiny yellow squash, and small green tomatoes are appearing magically. In fact the first summer squash was cut into a salad yesterday.

Maybe gardens could become my thing after all…


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