A Week Into 2017

News of the Moment

As they used to say in hill country “I’ll be over for supper if the creek don’t rise.” Fifty feet behind the back gate, the creek IS rising. Rain sluices down in sheets. It has been sluicing down for hours. It will continue sluicing down today and well into Monday. Drought has been cancelled for 2017.

What’s up for 2017

Graphic purple background with text in gold "2017 Year of Imagination
2017 Year of Imagination

This year I replaced the usual list of resolutions with an operating theme. This new year of 2017 is the Year of Imagination. What sparked this idea is the following quote by Maxwell Maltz from New Psychocybernetics.

“A human being always acts and feels and performs in accordance with what he imagines to be true about himself and his environment…For imagination sets the goal ‘picture’ which our automatic mechanism works on. We act, or fail to act, not because of ‘will,’ as is so commonly believed, but because of imagination.”

My success with will power has been sketchy. Too many items still sit on old to-do lists and expensive planners from many years ago.  Things undone press me down into melancholy. It would be a good idea to purge those lists and free myself from the illusions and delusions of yore.  Wow, I am drifting over the edge of a philosophical sea. There are dragons lying in wait there.

So what am I looking forward too in 2017? The televised production of Neil Gaimon’s novel American Gods. Now there’s a work of imagination.

Wishing all and sundry a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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