First Sunday in September at the Front Door

A Better Habit (I Hope)

Last Monday I finished a book about habits. Information About the Book

The juicy part of the book discussed methods for replacing one habit with a more desirable habit.  My friends and relatives all know I have a habit of neglecting “Sybal’s Front Door.”  My last entry was July, and that was after a gap of about five months.

I really want to replace the habit of neglect with the habit of posting every week.  This keeps my family and friends in the loop. It also gives me a moment to hammer a nail into the week because time passes so quickly these days.  Turn around and its April, turn around and its August, turn around and its Christmas.

How Does the Garden Grow

My last post was about the little garden in the back yard: a small plot with squash and one pepper  plant plus four planters of tomatoes.  The summer squash, zucchini, and patty pans are producing like gangbusters.  The hot topic of my life is “learning to love squash by finding fifty ways to cook them.”  I like the babies cut up into a raw salad.  The larger ones are pretty good cooked with bacon, potatoes and onions.  After all, everything goes with bacon these days.

Hot Tomatoes

Me under the apple tree
August 2016 at Petaluma

Of course, the tomatoes are all ripening at once but it’s easy to make them disappear. Eat the cherry tomatoes by the handful, and use the big ones in tomato-cucumber-cheese sandwiches or bacon and tomato sandwiches (naturally). I should include a photo of the tomato plants.  I have one, but I took it with the camera on my new smartphone, and am having issues getting it off the phone into the computer. So instead of tomatoes, I am posting a recent photo of me.

Sleep Apnea

The August focus point was Linda’s sleep study at St. Joseph’s Sleep Center.  She spent a night there hooked up to electronic monitoring devices.  The study showed that she had 130 “wake events” compared to the normal range of 5-10  wake events. During the first 90 minutes of the study, she never entered REM and probably wouldn’t have done so if the technician running the study hadn’t hooked her up to a CPAP machine.  These issues with sleep are contributing to her overall poor health.  As soon as she can sleep consistently through the night, we expect her health to improve.  We are eagerly waiting for Medicare to approve the CPAP equipment she needs.  With luck we should have it by the end of the week.




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