First Sunday in September at the Front Door

A Better Habit (I Hope)

Last Monday I finished a book about habits. Information About the Book

The juicy part of the book discussed methods for replacing one habit with a more desirable habit.  My friends and relatives all know I have a habit of neglecting “Sybal’s Front Door.”  My last entry was July, and that was after a gap of about five months.

I really want to replace the habit of neglect with the habit of posting every week.  This keeps my family and friends in the loop. It also gives me a moment to hammer a nail into the week because time passes so quickly these days.  Turn around and its April, turn around and its August, turn around and its Christmas. Continue reading “First Sunday in September at the Front Door”

How Does My Garden Grow

first encounter with a garden

Gardens weren’t my Thing Until

Plants were green unless they were dead.  Some had pretty flowers.  Some produced the squash, the peppers, and the tomatoes I bought at the grocers. Once I had a summer job weeding azaleas in a nursery greenhouse. I was not inspired. Continue reading “How Does My Garden Grow”