Through the Front Door Week 34 of 2019

Three-Digit Fahrenheit

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday going outside as the sun goes down in order to water the frazzled plants. Once upon a time, if you lived in the Bay Area, there was no central air in in the houses. After all, Mark Twain said, ” the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.”

The “City by the Bay” is grousing about the heat, as are the denizens of the in land counties of Napa, Sonoma, and Mendicino. The Sonoma vineyards are in whatever stage of life that requires men and women to be working among the vines. All the workers wear hats with big brims to cover their neck and tie water soaked kerchiefs around their necks.

Tomato plant

Summer of the Sad Tomatoes

My tomato crop is sad this year; the plants were puny. The Early Girls are the size of cherry tomatoes, instead of normal tomato size good for making bacon and tomato sandwiches. The cherry tomatoes are sized right but lack flavor. The grape tomatoes are growing all their fruit on a single stem. Conversations with my sister, who is a master grower of tomatoes, diagnosed insufficient fertilizer, and lack of water. I watered faithfully, but just realized it was just draining away to water the guest parking spaces instead of staying in the soil to nourish the roots. On the other hand, the basil is thriving. Time to try my hand at pesto sauce.

Game Day Sunday

Had a lot of fun playing that grand old classic: Clue. Professor Plum, did it in the hall with a wrench!

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