Though Sybal’s Front Door Week 33 of 2019

Fall of the Mighty Agave

Many of my friends know this story already, but it’s been a slow week sans events. For twelve years a very large agave occupied the corner of the lot next to the driveway. I lurked and bided its time waiting for chances to inflicted deep scratches on unwary passers by.

After a winter and spring of torrential rains, a ten foot stalk shot up overnight one week in April. Like Jack’s beanstalk, it grew and it grew and it grew about the height of a three story building. It put out stalks, and blossomed and bloomed. Last Sunday evening the 60 mph gusts were too strong for its shallow root system, and over it went.

In spite of its weight, the only damage was a small dent in the roof of the carport. However, it exercised the maintenance crew who needed almost three hours to remove it. Rest in peace aggravating agave!

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