Flowers and Worms and Lizards Oh No!

New News About Living in Sonoma

Yaba! Yaba! that means “weighted by guilt” about two weeks going by without a post. Here’s the new news about living in Sonoma.


First I bought a bucket, then I bought a box: of worms. Not just any old worm, but composting worms.   The bucket of worms came from a nursery in Novato. They were dud worms. So I ordered a box of worms from a world renowned worm farmer in Alabama (naturally I found them on Amazon where else?).

They arrived in good health, only a little overwhelmed by jet lag.  Now, they are thrive and multiply in the little homemade compost bin on the patio.  In due time, they will convert shredded paper towel, cardboard toilet paper rolls, vegetable scraps, and eggshells into rich compost.

Lizards with Tails

Now that the rain has given way to sunshine and high temperatures lizards are everywhere, running over rocks and under the porch. During the last two years, I shared space with a cat who is a skilled and dedicated huntress. All the lizards in the yard had short stubby tails.

This year I share space with Julio and Romeo. They are lazy, laid-back lovers of cats. Furthermore they are never allowed outside.  Even if they were, they don’t share a single hunter’s bone between them. So the lizards run carefree, flicking their long tails as they go.


I take a lot of pictures of flowers because its very easy to do.  In the first place, they stand still and don’t fidget unless the wind is blowing.  In the second place, flowers are blooming everywhere, and I just have to step outside to get a picture.  The other day I discovered Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery. Someone on staff there is a “garden artist” who has created a series of small enchanted gardens. I couldn’t resist taking a few  pictures with I am sharing with you by means of the link below. FYI There are about twelve photos but you may have to click around to get them to run properly.

Botanicals in Light and Shadow

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