Two Excursions in Two Days: Too Much Excitement

Oh Gosh! this post is such a mess!  I console myself with the thought that Thomas Edison, a very smart man, required a thousand unworkable models to create a workable light bulb. So here is my story about the last two days: May 1 and May 2 to be precise.

My Minnesota cousin and two compatriots rented a beach house in Dillon Beach. That’s only a 26 miles away, so I drove the serpentine country roads to spend the afternoon with them.  On the way, I drove past an entire herd of Scottish Highland cattle that look like a cross between Texas Longhorns and Buffalo-with bangs.  Just down the road was a herd of what I thought were yaks, and turned out to be musk oxen.  You see the strangest things in Sonoma county!  Once I found the beach house, and found a place to park, I had a wonderful visit. I used the pictures I took to build a little presentation using Microsoft’s newish software gadget called Sway.  It’s embedded below, and with any luck at all, it might actually run.  I have a lot of thoughts about this little presentation, few of them good thoughts, but I have to just chalk it up to learning experience. Sigh!

On Tuesdays May 2, I carpooled with an elderly group of plant lovers to a Botanical Garden in Glen Ellen. It’s called Quarryhill, because much of it was built inside an abandoned quarry. This garden specializes in the presentation of Asian plants. The majority of these plants are the “mother stock” of most of the ornamental garden plants grown in Western Europe and North America: i.e. roses, dogwood, lilies, iris etc. According to the docent, Quarryhill is famous among research gardens like Kew Gardens in London.  Botanists from all over the world come to visit; as usual, the good folk who live in Sonoma County have never heard of the place. (Grin).  The battery in my camera went kerplunk, so there are no photos.  I urge you to visit the website (link below) or the Quarryhill Facebook page.

Web Site for Quarryhill Botanical Gardens

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