Front Door: 2nd Week October

Vote, Vote, Vote A Public Service Announcement

The folk who bring us WordPress published a recommendation urging we remind friends and relatives to VOTE!  Election Day looms. Personally speaking, I hate going to the polls so I vote by absentee ballot and have been doing so for years.  It’s worth the price of postage.

Apart from the Presidential election, my main interest is the Sonoma County proposition that keeps the county GMO free.  This is a hot topic because this is an agricultural county populated by small organic farmers. They have worked long hours and forked over a ton of money to earn their “organic certification.” If a teaspoon of GMO pollen (or other material) blows into their fields, the organic certification goes up in smoke for three years.  Basically they are out of business. The politics of GMO agriculture is convoluted and very much slanted to the industrial agricultural combines.  The more I learn, the more incensed I become. But I’ll stop before working into a rant and foaming at the mouth.

Mystery Book Club Meeting


Graphic of Book Cover

Sunday was the monthly Mystery Book Club meeting. Our book was Schemers by Bill Pronzini.  This title is from a series he writes featuring the “nameless” detective who lives and works in San Francisco. Two story lines run parallel in this book. For me, the more interesting was a classic locked room mystery, concerning the theft of valuable first editions. In edition to the locked room puzzle, there was a lot of information about collecting first edition mysteries.  Word to the Wise: if you happen to run across a first edition of The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammet WITH an intact original jacket, it’s worth about $100,000.  I’m just saying 🙂

Requiem for the Garden

The squash plants, vanquished by fungus, are gone, The cucumber is gone. The pepper plant is gone, All that remains is a patch of smooth dirt. Weeded and raked twice over, it waits for its cover of black “weed cover.”  After which it will lie fallow throughout the winter.  Will there be another garden? Lets wait and see.

This is a Must See

Below is a link to Frenchy Wanderlust’s blog.  The photographs are knock out and not to be missed. So don’t miss it! Use the link below to a enter a world of wonder.

Link to Frenchy Wanderlust’s Blog


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