WEEK 44: 2020

A Touch of Narcissism on a slow week

A month or so ago, Adobe published a new application for smart phones called PS Camera. In addition to taking standard photos it also comes with a series of “lenses” that automatically adds special effects to the photos. Most of the effects are built for portrait photos and don’t work so well on landscapes etc.

On a slow day in a slow week I snapped a bunch of selfies to test some of these lenses. Except for the cats (who refused to pose) I was the only available subject, so here is my face in a variety of flavors.


The Front Door: Week 15 of 2020

Taking a Break from “Covad-19”

While fiddling with photos, I am listening to the original soundtrack of “Evita.” Mandy Patankin-such a voice. Personally, I like this Lloyd-Webber musical much better than “Phantom of the Opera.” To my ear, the P of O music was a bit “tum-te-tum.” Furthermore Tim Rice was no part of the team a lyricist, and Sarah Brightman sounded a bit thin in the upper registers. I am partial to women singers that have a metallic sound in the high notes.