Housebound for a year? I can deal with it. Harry and Meghan feuding with the royal family? I can deal with it. Car overheating in the middle of nowhere? I can deal with it. Cats upchucking on the carpet just after I steam-cleaned it? I can deal with it.

Finding a quarter-inch screw on the floor that I know belongs to something important, but not knowing where to put it so I could find when I need it. Stress level? Hits the summit of Mt. Everest. Small electronic gadgets and whizbangs rattling around in my desk drawer: my brain freezes, and I sit like a block of ice for an hour trying to figure out where to store them because I WILL need them someday. Stress level? out of the stratosphere.

It don’t sleep well; my dreams reflect my anxiety There so many daily little things in life. But that was then.

Now I am calm. I am serene. I have my little tin boxes. They are about 4 inches long with hinged lids that snap shut firmly. They came twenty in a pack and cost around $20 and they are just the right size to hold multitudes of little things.

  • Unidentified small parts that are important to something? Put it the tin box labeled “What is This For.”
  • Tiny screwdrivers to fix Christmas gadgets? Put in the box labeled “Tiny Tools.”
  • Extra buttons for the new blouse? Put it in the box labeled “Extra Buttons.”

And wonder of wonder, all these little tin boxes fit neatly into a bigger box that fits in special space in the laundry room.

When life is filled with little problems, box ’em, label ’em, and store ’em.

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