Through the Front Door for the Week of June 17

Graphic with jelly beans
I adore jelly beans

Joy of jelly Beans

William Blake wrote “you never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.”

So it is thus with jelly beans!

Discovery! Amazon is selling five pounds of Brach’s jelly beans for about the same price as one pound of same in the local market-on the rare occasions you can find them at all.

I adore jelly beans. I rhapsodize jelly beans. A jelly bean dream would be one of the dreams of a lifetime. Forget about those high-end gourmet jelly beans manufactured in Fairfield, California! It’s Brach’s jelly beans for me: all sugar and water and gelatin, and colorful edible food dyes.

For reasons that passeth understanding, the local markets only carry Brach’s jelly beans at Easter and Halloween. Between times, the shelves are bare. Surely you can imagine my delight that Amazon, emporium to the world, carries them.

Five pounds of jelly beans arrived in a bright blue cardboard carton, with the Brach’s label emblazoned across the top. The jelly beans inside were all the colors of the rainbow and they were so fresh it was if they had been manufactured the day before.

I ordered the jelly beans at the beginning of June, and they are gone, gone, gone before the end of June. Don’t tell anyone, it’s my secret: I am going to order another five pounds next month. Because I still don’t’ know what is more than enough!


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