No Bracelets, No Shield, and Her Uniform Made Her Look Fat

graphic photo-lyudmilla-pavlichenkoDuring World War II, when Russia, Great Britain, and the United States were allies, Eleanor Roosevelt became friends with a diminutive young woman from Russia. Her name was Lyudmilla Pavlichenko and she was a sniper with a confirmed kill count of 309.

When the German army invaded Russia, Pavlichenko was a university student majoring in history.  Instead of joining the nursing brigade, she joined the infantry as a sniper. She participated in the defense of Odessa. She survived the Battle of Sevastopol, where most of her unit, as well as her husband were killed. Reportedly, she was known for her unshakable calm under fire.

After awarding Pavlichenko with highest military honors, the Russian government sent her on tour to the United States and Great Britain to raise funds and publicize the Russian war effort.

According to reports, American media criticized her skirt which was too long for fashion, and her uniform which made her look fat. (Uniforms that protect you from a Russian winter tend to be bulky).

Side Note:  the Russian army began intensive recruiting of women snipers.  Because they were small, they were more agile, and more easily concealed. Further more  women endured the cold better, and had more patience.

Guess you don’t need a Greek god for a father, magic bracelets, a shield, or a lariat to be a wonder woman.


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